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    avatarMy boss wanted us to install these bulbs in our offices. I’m thinking to myself, “Just how good could an 18 dollar light bulb be?”.

    But I ordered enough for the entire office. They were installed on a Thursday, while I was out of the office. On Friday, I got to work that afternoon and spent about 3 hours working in my office, typing letters, sending emails, and writing notes. I liked the brightness, but wasn’t sure the money was well spent. At some point, I went across the way to sign some invoices. I couldn’t see the invoices without my reading glasses, so I went back to my office to get them.

    The glasses were not in my office—they were in my car. I had actually worked for three hours without them, and because the lights are so bright and clear, I just didn’t notice…true story.

    These lights are amazing!

    Arlington TX