About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the highest performing light bulbs and ballasts with the lowest life-cycle cost.

Our Products

We lead the industry in premium quality lighting solutions using advanced lighting technologies.  Our light bulbs and ballasts are specially designed and manufactured to provide the best quality of light with the most energy efficient operation;  Saving you money in energy, labor and replacement lamp costs.

Both of our Industrial and Commercial Grade lighting products, Premira and Industra, are constructed and tested to Comply with three Standards of Quality:

Premium Quality:

Light bulbs and  ballasts that meet the highest levels of light quality and performance with the lowest life-cycle cost.


Our entire product line is designed and developed to be the most Environmentally friendly lighting products available on the market today.   Constructed and tested to comply with the highest levels of Energy-efficiency and long-life performance, offering the lowest impact on the environment and our global resources.

Energy Efficient:

Energy efficient lighting must operate using the least amount of energy while providing the best quality of light for the energy dollars spent.

Our Company

ME-DTC Lighting is an authorized distributor for Maintenance Engineering ltd.  Located in Fargo ND at 3001 S University Dr., ME has over 39 years in the premium quality lighting business designing, developing and marketing Premium Quality lighting products.  Also known as The Light Bulb Guy, I have been a member of Maintenance Engineering’s Lighting Applications team since 2004.

Passionate about quality lighting, my greatest reward is experienced from working with electricians, business owners and facilities personnel seeking to enhance production rates, employee performance, safety, product merchandising, general facilities appearance and profits with high performance, energy efficient lighting solutions.

Since 1974, Maintenance Engineering has focused on improving the quality of the light produced by its lamps. Research has shown that greater reductions in energy for lighting can be made when designed with a complementary improvement in light quality. To save energy at the expense of seeing, defeats the obvious purpose of lighting.  To conserve energy with the lights on, Maintenance Engineering has developed an energy-efficient line of lighting solutions that cuts energy bills while providing improved, more seeable light.

As people age, their need for light increases. A person in their late 50’s needs 2-3 times more light than a 20-year old. As our workforce ages, the need for quality light increases. ME’s twofold solution of combining improved light quality with energy saving designs solves the two greatest problems facing business owners today. By using lamps that produce more “seeable” light, workers make fewer errors and can work faster, more efficiently and more productively.  All this while reducing your lighting energy dollars spent.

The best choices for lighting are products that provide the most energy savings and improve the quality of light.  ME-DTC Lighting carries the industry’s most complete and longest-lasting line of energy-saving, improved-quality lighting on the market today.  This is why I feel that ME’s Premium Quality lighting products are the logical choice for all your lighting needs.


Tom Thielman

ME-DTC Lighting