Aluminum PAR Lumi-Twist™ Compact Fluorescent Reflector

Aluminum Housing Premira PAR Lumi-Twist™ Compact Fluorescent

NOV 2011


Maintenance Engineering is replacing Glass-Reflector Par 20, Par 30 and Par 38 Xtrabrite Alpinewite Lumi-Twist with  Aluminum Housing Par Lumi-Twist™ Compact Fluorescent light bulbs

Benefits of Aluminum Housing PAR Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Efficiently transfers heat away from critical electronic components

Cooler electronic components last longer

Outdoor rated sealed housing

Withstands thermal shock

24 Month guarantee


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As a direct replacement for halogen PAR lamps & Incandescent Flood Lamps, Maintenance Engineering’s PAR Compact Fluorescent Lumi-Twist™  light bulbs feature:


82% Energy Savings

– Due to Fluorescent design

– 90% less heat


Commercial Construction

– High Temp rated Components

– Advanced  amalgam technology improves lumen output

– Soft start design extends life (24 month replacement guarantee)


Xtrabrite Phosphors (XB Alpinewite 5000k)

– Brilliant white light

– 5 times brighter than incandescent watt-for-watt

– Also available in Warm Hearth-Glo & Spectra-SUNRISE colors


Nickel-Plated Base

– Resist freezing in the socket


Aluminum Reflector PARS

– Outdoor rated, can also be used indoors


Glass Reflector PARS

– Indoor rated, or where not exposed to weather


Double-Tungsten Cathode

– Triple-wound for long-life


Extended Life Phosphors


Up to 12 times Life

– of standard incandescent

– Saves 11 trips up and down the ladder

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