Avoid Hot Relamping

Protect your new light bulbs and Avoid hot-relamping by making sure the power is turned off to the fixture before installation


Hot Re-lamping tests have been shown to shorten, sometimes severely, the life of the lamp being installed in the socket.


Hot Re-lamping Facts

A “hot re-lamp” is the term for changing a lamp when the power is still on at the socket.

A hot re-lamp jolts the lamp’s filament when the base makes any positive electrical contact with the energized socket.

When you screw in a lamp, you are wiggling the bulb around (which can flex the cold filament) and then a large surge of electricity jolts the filament while it is flexed.

This moment of stress can reduce lamp life and cause a premature burnout.

Power OFF before you install your new light bulbs

Cold re-lamping or re-lamping with the power off to the socket) is recommended for all types of screw-in  and plug-in lamps.


This should particularly be the case when changing Halogen lamps, since they use a more inflexible  filament.


Hot relamps should also be avoided with Fluorescent fixtures, as you can short out and damage the ballast and lamps.


In addition, hot re-lamping places the installer at higher risk for electrocution, which is why hot re-lamping violates OSHA safety regulations.


To ensure you get the best life and most satisfaction from our products, remember to turn the power off before you install your new premium quality lighting products from Maintenance Engineering