Commited to Providing the best Lighting Products & Service in the Industry

ME-DTC Lighting is an authorized distributor for the lighting company, Maintenance Engineering Ltd.  Also known as The Light Bulb Guy, I have been a member of ME’s Lighting Applications team since 2004.


Maintenance Engineering is the fastest growing industrial lighting company in America, specializing in the design and development of premium quality replacement lighting products using advanced lighting technologies.  Dedicated to the environment, ME’s entire product line is developed according to its Earth-Safe standards of quality.


Consider This

Since 1974, Maintenance Engineering has designed and developed its own exclusive line of  premium quality light bulbs and ballasts to meet the highest levels of Light Quality, Energy Efficiency, & Long-Life performance. Only authorized distributors, dedicated to providing ME’s high performance lighting products are allowed to be a part of its lighting applications team.  This means that when you buy a product from us, you can count on it being the most reliable and highest performing lighting product available in the lighting industry today.

Once you purchase from us, we make a commitment to meeting all your replacement lighting needs.  We are a dedicated team of lighting product specialists who can assist you in determining the best replacement products for your application. This means that you can contact us to assist you at no cost with lamp identification, lamp usage consultations, Energy-Saving analysis and fixture upgrade recommendations.  We provide these additional services at no charge and without any contracts simply because we are committed to providing you with the best lighting products and service in the industry.

Unlike many companies which use fancy slogans suggesting that they can offer you better bulbs at better prices, ME puts its guarantees in writing and will provide you with a 100% replacement of any product that falls short of its guaranteed lifetime.  The old adage, “you get what you pay for“, could never be truer than when you purchase one of Maintenance Engineering’s Premium Quality lighting products.

Premira brand light bulbs and ballasts from Maintenance Engineering meet the Highest Standards of performance and our Earth-Safe® standards of quality.


Understanding Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Earth-Safe® brand is a commitment to offering the most environmentally friendly lighting products on the market.  This means that you can rest assured that not only are you getting a high performing light bulb or ballast, but that using our products will be better for the environment.  ME’s lighting products are constructed and tested to comply with these three standards of quality:

Energy Efficient: Giving you more light for your energy dollar which means: Fewer power Plants, Less Carbon Emissions, and Cleaner Air.

Saving Our Natural Resources: We focus on quality over quantity. Each product is delivered with a guaranteed lifetime that outlasts standard lighting up to 24 times. Long life means up to 95% less waste in: Manufacturing Pollution, Recycling, and Earth Damaging Mining.

Environmentally Friendly: Our Environmentally Friendly lighting is an effort to eliminate environmentally hazardous materials from our lighting products.  For example, our Premira fluorescents are TCLP Compliant with the Lowest Mercury possible.



What is Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting gives you more light for your energy dollar spent allowing you to use fewer lamps, reducing energy and maintenance cost.  Now you can do your part in energy conservation without reducing the “seeability” as normally associated with reducing lamps or fixtures.  By using lamps that produce more “seeable” light, workers make fewer errors and can work faster, more efficiently, and more productively. All this while using less of your budget for lighting operating costs and increasing your profits.


Lighting can represent as much as 30% of a commercial building’s energy bill, so switching to energy efficient lighting can be one of the most beneficial investments a company can make.  Resulting in measurable increases to the bottom line.


Our Commitment to Quality

Many lighting companies may boast about quality, or better bulbs, but very few will back this up with written guarantees.  We put our name on all of our products because we know that you can count on them being the very best in the industry.  We test and retest all of our designs, sometimes for years before we will market them.  We are not usually the first to introduce a new product type, but when we do develop and market a new product, you will know that it has been designed according to our Earth-Safe standards of quality, the highest performance standards of quality and as energy efficient as it can be for the intended application.


But We Don’t Stop There

Our commitment to you goes beyond delivering the best light bulbs and ballasts in the industry.  We are committed to being your lighting specialist.  This means that we are always available to answer any lighting questions you have, whether you making a purchase or not.  We know that when you can count on us to be your lighting partner, that you will value our products and services as much as we value your choice to buy from us.