Maintenance Engineering’s Commitment To Quality

Message from President of Maintenance Engineering Ltd, Curt Kesselring


“Years ago we had a salesman who had a special taste for a certain beverage. Every time he’d imbibe, his ritual was always the same. He’d lift the can to his lips and take a sip, then sit it down with a look of total satisfaction. Then he’d say, “How do they make it so good, ship it so far and sell it so cheap?”……………………   He truly was a satisfied customer!”  


When I look at our premium quality lighting product line I ask myself the same question. How do we make it so good, ship it so far and sell it so cheap? And we’ve done this for 35+ years, beginning with our Multi-Watt incandescent line. We introduced this 10,000 hour lamp back when the industry standard was 3,500 hours. We’re now proud to offer a 14,000+ hour Multi-Watt with our 5 staggered support “VIBRASHOK” mount and even more proud to offer our state-of-the-art Lumi-Twist CFL. . . guaranteed in industrial applications for 24 months!

Our entire line of lighting products has grown in quality just as the Multi-Watt and Lumi-Twist lines have. Our new XTRABRITE Alpinewite linear fluorescent light bulbs utilize a high-energy phosphor combination for the perfect balance between full spectrum light and brightness. It utilizes extended life phosphors (ELP) to minimize lumen depreciation and color shift. Our XTRABRITE Earth safe lamps are the first TCLP compliant 10 year lamps in the Long Life industry!

How do we make them so good?

Answer:  We search out the best designs and best manufacturers in the world to make our lamps.

How do we ship them so far?

Answer:  We repackage 100% of our lamps in specially designed damage resistant packaging exclusive to M.E.

How do we sell them so cheap?

Answer:  Our products are not the lowest price per unit . . . BUT they are the lowest cost to the customer because they provide the BEST VALUE!


At M.E. we’re not afraid to sign our work, hence you see our proprietary brand on our lamps, on our labels and on our boxes! At M.E., we’re proud of the product quality we offer and the value it gives to our customers. We’re proud of the fact that we’re so far ahead of our competition that we have no competition. Most of all, we’re proud of our commitment to quality and all the benefits it brings to our employees, our salespeople and our customers!

Curt kesselring