Environmental Advantages of ME-DTC Xtrabrite Earth-Safe Lighting Technology

ME-DTC Environmentally Friendly Lighting Technology –Since 1974

Xtrabrite Light Bulbs Earth-Safe® standards of quality:

Maintenance Engineering’s EARTH-SAFE® brand is leading the lighting industry with Environmentally-Friendly replacement Lighting Products.


Create a Brighter Future for You and Your Environment


#6 Earth-Safe® Environmentally-friendly Qualities

*Made in the USA


M.E.’s Earth-Safe® brand is a commitment to offering the most green, Environmentally-friendly lighting products on the market. Earth-Safe® means that our products have been constructed and tested to comply with these three

Earth-Safe® Standards of Quality

Save Energy,

Save Natural Resources,

Environmentally-Friendly Design.


Earth-Safe® Xtrabrite Fluorescent Light Bulbs


• Contain up to 70% less mercury than standard lamps

— TCLP compliant designs

• Produce up to twice the light for the same energy dollar spent

–Increase light levels with fewer fixtures and bulbs, saving energy –Fewer Power plants needed, less carbon emissions.

• Outlast standard lamps up to 10 times

–Saves natural resources

–Produces less waste

• Simulates Natural Sunlight

–Reduces eyestrain and glare

Earth-Safe® Xtrabrite Lumi-Twist Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


• Saves up to 85% Energy

–9w Mini Lumi-Twist replaces a 60w incandescent –Fewer power plants needed, less carbon emissions

• Produces 90% less Heat than Incandescents

–Lower AC bills, especially in the South

• Saves Money

–95% less energy and 90% Less Heat means lower electric bills –Fewer changes also saves labor expense

• Outlast Incandescents up to 24 times


*Premira I F40T12, F32T8 & F96T12 Xtrabrite Alpinewite linear fluorescent light bulbs are Made in the USA


#7 CFL, LED, Halogen & High Output Xtrabrite Lighting Solutions

While our F40T12,  F32T8 & F96T12 Premira I Xtrabrite Alpinewite fluorescent light bulbs are our most popular products, we have a full line of  Xtrabrite lighting solutions to match: [Read More]

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