External Advantages of Premira Xtrabrite Linear Fluorescent Tube Lights

ME-DTC Advanced Fluorescent Lighting Technology –Since 1974

PREMIRA® I F40T12 Xtrabrite Alpinewite Light Bulbs Feature:


Xtrabrite Closely Matches Natural Sunlight

Crisp White Light Reduces Eyestrain & Glare

10 YR Guarantee for reduce life cycle cost

Fewer Changes, Less Labor, Less Recycling

Earth-Safe® & TCLP Low Mercury design

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 #2 External Components:  Brass End Pins, Silicone Coating & Premium Glass


*Made in the USA



Maintenance Engineering uses mechanically-clinched brass end pins, and high-grade copper wire, for a sure and positive electrical connection from lamp to fixture.

We use this method instead of soldering or welding. Our method eliminates hazardous materials (one of our Earth-Safe requirements) such as lead solder from the lamp.

M.E.’s environmentally-friendly design is an extra step we take, maximizing electrical efficiency without sacrificing lamp life or brightness.



All 4′ and 8′ XTRABRITE ALPINEWITE Premira lamps have a special coating of environmentally-friendly silicone solution sprayed on them.

This coating aids in the starting of the lamp, and ultimately extends lamp life.

Without this coating, poor starting could occur in humid conditions, and shorten lamp cathode life.



Our lamps are made with a new, proprietary silica-lime glass mixture.

This glass is made under the absolute tightest quality controls in the industry, to make sure there are no bubbles or contamination.

Contaminants and bubbles can weaken the glass, eventually causing microscopic cracks and “dead” lamps.

We have also added a new process to the exterior, with the application of a coating of Tin Oxide, which further strengthens the glass.

A Premium Glass tube is important, as it is the foundation on which to build the rest of the lamp… a lamp that will remain in operation for many years.

*Premira I F40T12, F32T8 & F96T12 Xtrabrite Alpinewite linear fluorescent light bulbs are Made in the USA

#3 Industries Best Cathode Assembly

Our Premira XTRABRITE ALPINEWITE lamps have the INDUSTRY’S BEST CATHODE ASSEMBLY: This shield is an integral part of our lamps ability to achieve 95% Lumen Maintenance. The cathode shield helps the lamp stay bright over its entire life.  [Read More]

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