Frequently Asked Questions

How will Energy-Efficient lighting affect our seeability?

Maintenance Engineering has also focused on improving the quality of the light produced by its lamps. Research has shown that greater reductions in energy for lighting can be made when designed with a complimentary improvement in light quality. To save energy at the expense of seeing defeats the obvious purpose of lighting. Two of our most dramatic achievements have been the introduction of our XTRABRITE Fluorescent that produces 69% more seeable light, while saving 26% in energy when used with M.E.’s electronic ballast package, and the screw-in fluorescent that produces 40% more seeable light while saving 80% in energy.


How will Energy-Efficient lighting affect our productivity?

As people age, their need for light increases. A person in their late 50’s needs 2-3 times more light than a 20-year old. As our “baby boomer” workforce ages, the need for quality light increases. M.E.’s twofold solution of combining improved light quality with energy saving designs solves the two greatest problems facing lighting engineers. By using lamps that produce more “seeable” light, workers make fewer errors and can work faster, more efficiently, and more productively. All this while using less of this nation’s precious resource, our energy supply.


Can I really conserve energy with the lights on?

Maintenance Engineering has developed an Energy-Efficient line of lighting that cuts energy bills while providing improved, more seeable light. As our nation’s economy grows, so does the need for energy…and for energy-efficient lighting. M.E. products allow consumers to do their part in energy conservation without reducing the “seeability” as normally associated with reducing lamps or fixtures.


Are CFL’s the only Energy Efficient Lighting products offered?

Maintenance Engineering carries a full line of energy-efficient products, from incandescents that save 21% in electricity, to fluorescents that save 44% when coupled with M.E.’s new electronic ballasts. We offer a new “screw-in” fluorescent lamp, designed to replace the old 100w incandescent, cuts power usage a whopping 80% to 20w. We also offer a new LED exit lamp replacement that cuts power by 95%, to an insignificant 2.4 watts per exit fixture.