Good To Know Lighting Product Tips #2: Safety Coated Lamps

Maintenance Engineering Safety-Coated lamps feature tough polymer-, silicone-, or Teflon-based coatings that protect the lamp glass from thermal shock, and contains breakage in case the lamp is impacted or damaged.


These lamps are ideal for use over food handling/preparation areas and food storage areas.

Safety Coated Fluorescent lamps

(XTRABRITE available in F32T8, F40T12, F96T8 and F96T12)


16 mil Polymer Shatterguard Coating

Very Rugged and Durable

Meets FDA,OSHA, USDA, NEC Safety Standards

Sealed Design fully contains lamp if broken

No sleeves & No End Caps to fight with

Filters out 85% of harmful UV


Safety Coated Compact Fluorescent Lamps

(Available in Lumi-Twist & PAR Lumi-Twist)


Safety Coated -Contains Glass if Broken

Xtrabrite Design for maximum brightness

Rugged Durable Coating reduces breakage

Meets Safety Standards for FDA, OSHA, USDA, NEC

Shatterguard Lumi-Twist™ & PAR Lumi-Twist™

Safety Coated Incandescent Lamps

(Available in A-lamps, incandescent reflectors)


Contains glass if broken

Resist Thermal Shock

Resist Peeling

Meets FDA, OSHA, USDA & NEC standards

Teflon-Coating Avialable

Brass Base resist freezing in socket



Over Food Handling

Under-counter lights


Places where kids can get at the lamps

Open fixtures where the lens is missing

Places where the lamp could get broken

Wherever fading is an issue

Low hanging & unprotected Production and Distribution lines


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