Holiday Lighting

With the holiday season at our doorstep, we’d like to remind you that Maintenance Engineering has a wide variety of lamps that can be used for holiday lighting.


For colorful outdoor lighting, we feature colored, weather-resistant lamps like our red and green 100-watt 1-pc PAR lamps, made with hardened WEATHERTEX glass which resists thermal shock from snow and rain. We also have our popular DECO-FLAME line of lamps featuring nylon wrapping that protects the lamps from thermal shock and also gives the lamps a festive gas-lantern appearance. And don’t forget our rugged, bright 2-pc PAR halogens or 1-pc PAR Incandescent for lighting that nativity scene in front of your office building, church, or in the front yard at home.


For indoor general and accent lighting, we also carry colored MAXLIGHT A-shape lamps, and colored MAXLIGHT R and BR reflectors. Available in a wide range of colors, these lamps can also be used outdoors if installed in enclosed fixtures, or if they are up to out of the way of any possible contact with moisture.


For string lights, we have 7-1/2watt C7 candelabra-base lamps and 7-1/2watt S11 medium-base lamps available in popular Christmas colors (and other colors, too). These lamps can be used either indoors or outdoors because of their durable ceramic coating.

Also, don’t forget about our great FLICKER FLAME lamps for a truly festive appearance, looking just like an actual candle flame. These lamps can be used in wall sconces, window candles, indoor string lights, etc., and really add a nice touch for holiday lighting.