Lighting Solutions For Business

We have a new technology in replacement lighting that meets the three most important requirements of lighting for business today. Our new line of Premium Quality light bulbs and ballast offer a unique blend of features including commercial/industrial & Premium grade design and construction that is brighter, whiter and longer lasting than standard lamps and they are earth-safe.

M.E.’s Advanced Technology Lighting products are constructed and tested to Comply with these three Standards of Quality:


PREMIUM QUALITY:  We have designed our light bulbs & ballasts to meet the highest levels of Energy Efficiency, Light Quality & Long-Life.  Premium Grade™  will Save you money in Energy, Labor and Lamp costs.

EARTH-SAFE®:  Since 1974,  ME-DTC has constructed and tested it’s lighting products to comply with Earth-Safe®  standards of quality.  Earth-Safe® products are Energy efficient, Conserve resources and are Eco- friendly.

ENERGY EFFICIENT:  Energy efficient lighting has two qualifications.  They must operate using the least amount of energy & they must provide the best quality light & performance for the enegy dollars spent.


Earth-Safe® brand is a commitment to offering the most environmentally friendly lighting products on the market. Earth Safe lighting is:

Energy Efficient: Giving you more light for your energy dollar means: Fewer Power Plants, Less Carbon Emissions, and Cleaner Air.

Saving Our Natural Resources: quality over quantity. with a life-time guarantee and outlast standard lighting up to 24 times. Long life means 95% less waste in: Manufacturing Pollution, Recycling, and Earth Damaging Mining.

Environmentally Friendly: Our Environmentally Friendly lighting is an effort to eliminate environmentally hazardous materials from our lighting products. For example, our fluorescents are TCLP Compliant with the Lowest Mercury possible.


To meet our standard of quality, each one of our products has to perform at the highest levels of performance longer than any other standard lighting product on the market today. For example, our Premira xtrabrite F40T12, F32T8 and F96T12 fluorescent lamps are a 5000K lamps providing 6050, 4713 and 10503 seeable lumens respectively and all are guaranteed for 84 months, with a lumen maintenance level of 95% for life.

As a Full Line supplier, we can meet most any lighting need in these major categories:

Compact Fluorescent
Tungsten Halogens
Commercial Fixtures

Other reasons to partner with us for your lighting needs are:

· FREE Personal Lighting Specialist.
· FREE Lighting Energy Surveys!
· Developing lighting for 37 years.
· Advanced Lighting Technology.
· Reliable, Timely & Consistent.
· Long-Life Guarantees.
· Earth-Safe Lighting Standards.
· Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions.
· Premium Quality Lighting Performance.
· Monthly Promotions & Rewards.

Leading the industry with “The Best of Advanced Lighting Technology” since 1974. Our entire product line is specially designed and manufactured to save you money in energy, labor and replacement lamp costs, while protecting and preserving our natural resources.


Create a Brighter Future for You and Your Environment

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