Maintenance Engineering – Dedicated To The Environment!


Companies around the globe have entered the race to make environmentally friendly products. It seems like every magazine ad, every television ad is touting their new found commitment to building and selling products that are environmentally friendly.

Everyone that is . . . but Maintenance Engineering!


ME has been there since 1974 and done that for 37 years by offering a 100% Environmentally Friendly Earth-Safe® Lighting product line.


It’s never been new for us, so we never really thought of making it a lead selling point. However, while we have been leading the charge with our environmentally friendly product line, we are lagging in taking credit for it.

Since 1974, we have offered 100% of our products in long-life designs that last up to 20 times (Multiwatt®) longer than standard lamps.

That means that we make only one lamp while the competition manufactures 20.

If everyone switched to our lamps, they could close 95% of all tungsten mines, 95% of all glass sand mines, 95% of the mines that produces metals for the bases and close 95% of incandescent manufacturing plants!!

  • Since 1974, we have offered energy saving products whenever technically possible.
  • We introduced the Multiwatt® long life incandescent that not only lasted 20 times longer, but consumed 12% less energy.
  • We have offered self ballasted mercury vapor lamps for 33 years, which cut energy consumption by over 50%.
  • We have offered energy saving fluorescent designs since they were first developed.


Best of all, we offered fluorescents that produce more light for the energy consumed when compared to any of our standard lamp competitors.

Beginning with this newsletter, we will be incorporating an EARTH-SAFE® message into all of our literature and packaging. This will take us a year to complete, incorporating new designs as printed materials are being replaced.

Best of all M.E. will continue to lead the way with new and better and ever more environmentally friendly products.

Our engineers are making progress on taking the lowest mercury fluorescent in the industry even lower. Our [Premira® fluorescent] has always been a leader in low mercury design and we intend to take it lower.

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT and we’re going to STAY THERE AND CONTINUE TO DO THAT. M.E. will continue to be a leader in EARTH-SAFE®.

We set the standard 37 years ago and we’re committed to continue doing our part in converting the world to move to environmentally friendly products.

The only difference will be that we will let people know of our commitment through our newly designed literature and packaging.

Curt Kesselring