Advantages of Xtrabrite Lighting Technology

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Backed by Long-Life Guarantees, The Xtrabrite® Advantage saves Time, Energy & Money!

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7 Major Advantages of Xtra Brite Light Bulbs

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#1 Rugged Doubled-Wall Packaging & GOLD anodized End Caps

The first thing you’ll notice with your shipment of XB Alpinewite is our eye-catching white-and-yellow boxes. Opening the box of F40T12, F32T8 & F96T12 are bright, anodized Gold End Caps. Its striking design tells you right away this is something different and better. [Read More]

#2 Brass End Pins, Silicone Coating & Premium Quality Glass

We started this series of reports explaining how our XB Alpinewite lamps are different and better than any lamps on the market. We’re working our way from the outside in, now, let’s take a look at the exterior of the lamp: [Read More]

#3 Industries Best Cathode Assembly

Our Premira XB Alpinewite lamps have the INDUSTRY’S BEST CATHODE ASSEMBLY: This shield is an integral part of our lamps ability to achieve 95% Lumen Maintenance. The cathode shield helps the lamp stay bright over its entire life.  [Read More]

#4 Precise Fill Gases, Internal Coating & Extended Life Phosphores

Our lamps use special mixtures of chemically-inert fill gases, unique to each lamp. For example, our T12 Xtrabrite uses 100% pure Argon gas, while our T8 Xtrabrite uses a blend of pure Krypton and Argon gas. Precisely dosed at low pressure, and help provide:   [Read More]

#5 Slower Manufacture speeds, Quality Checks & Written Guarantees

Finishing up our discussion on what makes our XB Alpinewite lamps Different & Better, lets review the manufacturing processes, multiple quality checks and best service levels in the industry!  Every M.E. products written guarantee ensures you are getting the Worlds Best product.  [Read More]

#6 Earth-Safe® Environmentally-friendly Qualities

Today’s lighting concerns include, how they affect the environment, and what they can do to save it for future generations.  Since it introduced it’s line of  Earth-Safe® products in 1974, M.E. has been a leader for environmentally-friendly lighting products: [Read More]

#7 CFL, LED, Halogen & High Output XB Lighting Solutions

While our F40T12 & F32T8 Premira XB Alpinewite fluorescents are the most popular product used in nearly every application one could think of; We have a full line of other Xtrabrite lighting products to match: [Read More]