ME-DTC’s Incentive Based Sales Careers

Positions Available All Over the USA

Be Your Own Boss

As  a lighting specialist with Maintenance Engineering, you are the Boss!

Since your the boss, you can increase your sales next week for an Instant Pay Raise!

Want to make $50,000 next year?  How about $75,000 or even $100,000?

You determine you income according to your efforts!

At M.E.  we have an opportunity that puts you in control of your income….your lifestyle….your net worth….and your semi-retirement.

M.E’s incentive based compensation program is designed to allow you to choose your income via the success formula.

Want to make more money?  Then you merely have to work harder or work smarter or both.  It’s your decision.

Upfront Compensation

M.E.’s upfront commission paid weekly provides you with a base commission and your 12 week 25% bonus commission.


Wealth Building Compensation

M.E.’s wealth building component consists of the 4-10% bonuses.

Set these bonuses aside for the wealth building, security and semi-retirement income!

Note that the higher your average is the more 10% bonuses you get.

This is designed to give you Extra Incentive to build a $80,000 plus income per year.

Few people have this kind of income opportunity.

Few people can choose the size of their income and their lifestyle from day to day.


A life-time opportunity


Sales experience is not a requirement, and may even hinder your success.

We have a proven system which ensures your success when followed.

If you are willing to follow our system, using the tools and training we provide!

All that’s needed is a passion for the product and a commitment to helping people.


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