New Xtrabrite Light Bulb Technology

If your looking for Extra bright light bulbs that closely match natural sunlight, then Maintenance Engineering’s Premira Xtrabrite Alpinewite is just the ticket. You’ll be Amazed at how clean and crisp everything looks under these lamps. Look at this comparison with standard lamps.


In addition to providing a nice white light, they also use extended life phosphors that ensure 95% lumen maintenance for the life of the bulb.  Considering that they are guaranteed for up to 120 months, that’s Amazing!



As I had mentioned, they closely match natural sunlight, which is what the eyes were designed for! Now you never would have thought so when you look up at most light fixtures these days.  You know what we are referring to………………….. those yellow dingy looking fixture lens.

Now I have heard some say from time to time, that they want less light, not more;  I couldn’t agree more when it comes to standard lights bulbs that are emitting a yellow dingy light.  The reason is that our eyes were designed for natural light colors not that dingy yellow light that so many are dealing with.  So, you say, brighter and whiter, forget it. Well, as so many people will attest to, having a more natural light, and even more of it, is way better than that un-natural light your dealing with now. The color chart below shows the spectrum differences.



A Brighter Future for You and Your Environment

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