Premira Cutting-Edge Hi-Output LED’s




Up To 144 Times The Life Of A Standard  HALOGEN!  ME’s LED’s are constructed for all-day usage. Designed for tough Commerecial / Industrial applications. 





These Premira® LED lamps in Vitalux Xtrabrite™ color are whiter & brighter when compared to standard LED lamps. ME-DTC’s LED lamps are also mercury free, with no UV output.  In addition, our Premira® LED lamps have a detailed design & construction, which ensures  premium quality long lasting lamps.  [PREMIRA LED light bulb index]

XTRABRITE LED’s use cutting edge technology with a top quality LED chip that maintains 90% brightness after 5 years, allowing their LED’s to stay whiter & brighter longer!  STANDARD LAMPS often overdrive their LEDs to increase brightness, by overdriving old LEDs with old technology, causes the lamp to loose light very quickly (up to 30% as early as 6 months).   Our NEW Premira® Cutting-edge hi-output LED Lamps with Vitalux Xtrabrite® Full Spectrum Color are Whiter & Brighter!

STANDARD LAMPS designed to be used in residential areas, contain short life components and are restricted to 4 hours/day usage or less.  M.E.’s New Premira Xtrabrite LED’s are designed for the demands  of Commercial and Industrial use.

PRECISION OPTICS, using premium quality materials translates to great light control, the optics are designed to optimize output.  ME-DTC’s LEDs precision options produce a smooth full beam spread of light.

Designed to replace incandescent and halogen lamps, these Premira lamps also have a cool beam (no projected heat) and emit no UV (ultraviolet rays).  While, STANDARD LAMP optics cause pools of light (or puddling), poor beam control, light waste, and can yellow over time.

NATURAL LIGHT, the Vitalux Xtrabrites balanced spectrum is similar to mid-day sunlight, which reduces eyestrain.  Very similar to an incandescent in color,  ME-DTC LEDs are also available in the Hearth-Glo™ color.

Created using components designed to last a minimum of 15 years, Maintenance Engineering’s LEDs industrial grade components stay-in-spec which extends the LED lamp life and minimizes color shift.

SHORT LIFE LED Lamps lasts 6-12 MONTHS!  Maintenance Engineering Premira LED lamps are guaranteed to last 12 years.




Super bright, energy-efficient, and ultra-reliable.  Save up to 85% energy and outlast standard incandescent 90 to 1.  Available in PAR16, PAR 20 PAR 30-Short Neck, PAR 30-Long Neck, PAR 38

LED MR-16 LAMPS [Lamp Index]

Super bright, energy-efficient, and ultra-reliable.  Save up to 85% energy and outlast standard incandescents 90 to 1

A-19 LED General Service Lamps [Lamp Index]

          Replace Incandescent A19 lamps with energy efficient LED’s.  Save up to 88% energy with X-Line™ Xtrabrite and Hearth-Glo colors and Long-life Guarantee.


Super-bright, energy-efficient and ultra-reliable, these retrofit kits replace two 20w tubular incandescents in red exit signs, yet only use 24 watts of electricity per 2-lamp fixture.