Plug-In Base CFL Guide

Plug-In Compact Fluorescent Description Explanation & Lamp Identification Guide

The image below will help you identify the Lamp Type, Wattage, Lamp Glass Shape, Lamp Tube Diameter, Base Pin configuration, ME-DTC lamp color type, Color Rendering Index (CRI), Kelvin temperature and Lamp Warranty in Months for Twin, Quad 2-pin, Quad 4-pin, Triple 4-pin and High Lumen 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps.

To search for Plug-in CFL lamps by pin configuration, identify the BULB SHAPE using the image below, then match your BASE type identified in image below to search for and identify the available Colors or Kelvin temperatures, Color Rendering Index (CRI), MAX BULB LENGTH & “SEEABLE LUMENS” using the search function of the product Table. 

QUAD 4-PIN SEARCH EXAMPLE : If you have identified by your BULB SHAPE in the image below that you have a Quad 4-pin CFL and your base or pin configuration match is a G 24 q-2, Using the page navigation bar above and under the “Product Line” Tab, select the “Compact Fluorescent” tab then “Quad 4-pin CFL” tab and enter the base code (our example G24 q-2 entered g24q-2) in the table search bar.  Click here for QUAD 4-PIN CFL Example

NOTE: The CFL Color guide in the image below is best viewed in separate enlarged page.  FOR HELP CALL The Light Bulb Guy 360-452-3229

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