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Premira® HID’s with Long-life and Stable Color Output


Premira® 400 Watt Mogul Base Metal Halides & 400 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halides feature Improved Light Quality with our New Light Booster Design providing Crisp White Light & Stable Color Output


 New Light Booster Design Available for Open and Enclosed Rated Fixtures




Metal Halide Lamps

Premium Quality design and construction.  Featuring Improved Light Qaulity, these lamps provide crisp, white light and stable color.  Available in Open-Fixture designs.  Light Booster design is up to 12% brighter.  Outlasts standard metal halides up to 8 to 1.




Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps

Premium Quality design and construction.  Featuring faster Start-Up, Improved Lumen Maintenance.  Save up to 20% energy using existing fixture.  Mogul base Open-Fixture rated (Also works in enclosed fixtures)





HPS/MH Retrofit Lamps

Easy retrofit!  Replaces a High Pressure Sodium lamp with Metal Halide-quality light by changing the bulb, no ballasts needed.  Get crisp white light and good color rendition out of your HPS fixture.  Availabe in 250w and 400w.




High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Premium Quality design and construction for Commercial/Industrial applications.  Golden white light great for outdoor lighting and security.   Unique double-arc model available for extra life and quick starts and guaranteed for 100 months.




Mercury Vapor Lamps

Premium construction designed for long life and stable color output.  Phosphor coating gives cool white light.





Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor Lamps

Replaces incandescent light sources with 55% more seeable light, no special ballast or fixture needed.  Can cut energy use by 46%.  Blue-Dot Par38 great for lighting jewelry.






– Must match wattage and type [M(Metal Halides), S(High Pressure Sodiums), H(Mercury Vapor)].

– Not interchangeable between types unless identified as retrofits.

– UV exposure hazard if outer envelope is broken.  M.E. recommends immediate lamp replacement of broken or cracked lamps.

– Must match lamp burning position (base-up only) and fixture restrictions )open or enclosed).


– Requires 3-15 minutes cool-down to restart

– Frequent on/off switching will shorten lamp life.

– Xtreme ambient temperatures will shorten lamp life (below -20°F, above 100°F