Lighting & Legislation

The Federal Government’s new set of requirements for lighting efficiencies.

These requirements will have sweeping changes as to what companies will be able to sell.  Many of the standard lighting products will be discontinued (or have been already), which may provide you with additional lighting challenges. 

The table below identifies the latest requirements and Maintenance Engineering’s lamp options.



The following table will provide you with the latest Federal Government rules and requirements for lighting efficiencies by Lamp Type and Effective date. Alternative ME-DTC lighting options and current testing underway is located under the M.E. Option tab.
LPW – Lumens Per Watt
CRI – Color Rendering Index
General Service
Will be discontinued unless LPW is greatly improved (via IR Halogen Capsule) or exempted via Rough Service design100A19 - January 2012
75A19 - January 2013
60A19 - January 2014
40A19 - January 2014
Productions of Multi-Watt 100w and 75w lamps will be increased to last several years. Halogen options are currently undergoing testing.
MW 60w & 40w A19 are exempt and will remain available.
Incandescent ReflectorBR40, ER, and 1-pc Par38 lamps were discontinued. R20 limited to 44 watts. 65BR30 lamps were exempted.BR40 - June 2009
Par38 - June 2009
R20 above 50w - June 2009
ME-DTC 65BR30 lamps are exempt and will remain. M.E. is currently testing halogen options.
Halogen ParPar lamps will be discontinued unless LPW is greatly improved (infrared Capsules)Halogen Par - July 2012ME-DTC is currently testing IR-Capsule Halogen Pars, as well as other technologies.
Halogen Tubular Quartz RSCDouble-Ended RSC lamps will be discontinuedDeouble End RSC - Jan 2016ME-DTC is currently investigating other technologies.
Fluorescent - 4ft LinearLamps under 89 LPW (<4500k) and 88 LPW (4501k-7000k) discontinued, unless CRI>87.4ft T12 and T8 - July 2012T12 ME-DTC Xtrabrite, Vitalux and CR75 lamps exceed criteria and will remain. High CRI warmer colors are being tested.

T8 - All ME-DTC T8 lamps exceed criteria and will remain.
Fluorescent - 2ft UbendLamps under 85 LPW (<4500k) and 81 LPW (4501k-7000k) discontinued unless CRI>87Ubends - July 2012All ME-DTC Ubends exceed criteria and will remain available.
Fluorescent - 8ft Instant Start (I.S.)Lamps under 97 LPW (<4500k) and 93 LPW (4501k-7000k) discontinued unless CRI>878ft Instant Start - July 2012ME-DTC 8ft T8 Xtrabrite exceeds criteria. 8ft T12 Xtrabrite currently undergoing slight change to meet new rule. ME-DTC is currently testing High CRI warmer colors.
Fluorescent - 8ft High Output (H.O.)Lamps under 92 LPW (<4500k) and 88LPW (4501k-7000k) discontinued unless CRI>878ft H.O. - July 2012ME-DTC 8ft T8/HO Xtrabrite esceeds criteria. 8ft T12/HO Xtrabrite esceeds criteria. ME-DTC is currently testing High CRI warmer colors.
Fluorescent - 4ft T5/HOLaqmps under 76 LPW (<4500k) and 72 LPW (4501k-7000k) discontinued unless CRI>874ft T5/HO - July 2012ME-DTC T5/HO lamps exceed criteria and remain available.
Metal HalideNew fixtures for Probe Start MH lamps were discontinued.Probe-Start MH fixtures - January 2009ME-DTC changed MH fixture lineup to Pulse-Start designs in 2009.
Mercury VaporsTo be discontinued due to low LPWMercury Vapors - January 2016ME-DTC recommends MH retrofits.
Ballasts - T12 MagneticDiscontinued due to low efficienciesManufacturing - June 2010
Distribution - Sept 2010
ME-DTC Electronic Ballasts are exempt and remain available.

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