Quality is Rule #1!

Maintenance Engineering has TWO TEST LABS, to ensure only The Highest Quality Lighting Products get shipped to you!


At our test lab at the home office in Fargo, ND, we rigorously test and retest new lighting-technology prototypes built for us. We work hand-in-hand with only the best manufacturers and their engineers worldwide to develop products that are:

Different and Betterthe World’s Best Lighting Products!


At Fargo’s lab, we also test our competitor’s products

to make sure we lead the industry!

After our products are fully developed, tested, and make it to production, those products still have to pass our QC test lab in our national distribution center in Chicago.   There they test each production before it can be shipped, to make sure the products were made to our proprietary specifications, and are of only the highest quality. Productions not meeting our specifications are immediately set aside for recycling. We would rather go to back order than ship lower-quality products! At Maintenance Engineering, LTD, we Test to be the Best. Quality is Rule #1!