Seeing is Believing -Bright, White Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Made in the USA, Premira I F40T12, F32T8 and F96T12 Xtrabrite Alpinewite
Up to 69% Brighter, Whiter & Guaranteed for 10 years


Residential Grade Sold Everywhere

Standard Lamps

Yellow Harsh Light

Yellow the fixture lens

Cause glare, Eye strain & Headaches

Make things harder to read

Reduce productivity

Loose Brightness Quickly

Resulting in wasted energy




ME’s Industrial Quality for your Business

Xtrabrite™ Alpinewite

Bright Crisp Extra Bright White Light

Similar to Natural Sunlight!

Whitens fixture lenses

Reduces Eyestrain & Glare,

Increases Performance & Productivity

Reduce maintenance & recycling cost

Premira I grade guaranteed for 10 years


 You Get What you Pay For!


Using Extended Life Phosphors (ELP™) ensure they

provide a 95% life-time Lumen Maintenance!


  Closely Matching Natural Sunlight providing a Balanced Spectrum output

Just like the eye needs!

With scotopically rich (blue) colors this Balanced Spectrum output will


Sharpen Images

– Blue light reduces pupil size making images clearer and sharper

Increase Contrast

– Increases color distinction by brightening all colors

– Darkens blacks and whitens whites making reading easier

Reduce Glare

– Higher scoptopic (blue) content reduces pupil size resulting in less glare

– Balanced spectrum colors have less glare-producing yellow


Balance Color Spectrum

– Brightens all colors by rendering them accurately



Premira® I Xtrabrite & XB Vitalux are guaranteed for 10 years!


“Thank you so much for the difference you have made in our lighting.  We have less eye fatigue and a clearer vision of our paper work and drapery manufacturing.”

Sharon Lomonaco
Royal Draperies & Interiors

“Using the brighter and whiter Premira light bulbs from Maintenance Engineering in our production facilities and offices has Empowered our employees by Improving there vision and reducing eyestrain.”

“In addition, Thier long-life design has reduced our lighting maintenance cost.”

Olivier Kerautret
Scientific Platers Inc

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Create a brighter Future for you and your environment!

Since 1974 we have been designing, developing, and marketing Premium Quality replacement lighting products for Commercial and Industrial use.  Environmentally conscious, we have always led the industry in Long-life, high-output & green (Earth-Safe®), Advanced Lighting Technology Products That Save You Time, Energy and Money