"Silver Bullet" Space Pen, Limited Time Promotional Offer

Order any standard pack of PREMIRA® Xtrabrite lighting for your free “Silver Bullet” Space pen.

Fisher Silver Bullet Space Pen

-Compact bullet style pen

-Writes at any angle/Zero Gravity

-Writes in extreme tems from -30F to 250F

-Classy, polished sliver finish

-Precision assembled, hand tested

-Perfect for all pockets and purses

Fisher Space Pen – renowned for the invention of the anti-gravity pen, Fisher Space Pen’s unique design and reputation for writing in extreme conditions has made it the pen of choice for the United States Air Force, law enforcement agencies, undersea explorers, mountain climbing expeditions, ski and snowboard teams because of their high degree of reliability. In addition to being durable the Fisher Bullet pen has been displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art – cited as an outstanding example of industrial art.  Compact bullet style pen Classy, polished silver finish A natural choice for maintenance staff, carpenters, heating/air conditioning technicians, auto mechanics, etc. Writes upside down Writes on photographs Writes under water Writes in extreme temperatures Writes on wet surfaces (lumber, sheet metal, etc.) Writes on most greasy surfaces Writes on carbonless paper Writes over fingerprints Writes in zero gravity The only pen that’s been on the moon and to the bottom of the ocean Unconditional warranty.