Superior Lighting Made in the U.S.A.

Maintenance Engineering Ltd. has been designing, developing Advanced Lighting Technology products since 1974, ME-DTC’s Premira F40T12, F32T8 & F96T12 XTRABRITE™ Alpinewite lamps provide a Superior light over standard light bulbs & are Made in the U.S.A.





Our best-selling 4’ T12, 4’T8, and 8’T12 Premira® Xtrabrite Alpinewite® lamps are made right here in the U.S.A.When you buy these lamps, know you are supporting American jobs.

You are also buying the best fluorescents in the world. They are energy-efficient, twice the brightness of standard EC cool whites, whiter, last longer, and are environmentally-friendly with up to 70% less Mercury than other lamps. And best of all, they are guaranteed to last 84 Months!

All made by American factories! Maintenance Engineering’s (me-dtc) high standard of premium quality design and construction can be found in all their fluorescent lamps. ME-DTC offers a line of Earth-safe lamps that are TCLP compliant, meeting the federal government standards for low mercury content.

ME-DTC Premira® Brand Xtrabrite Fluorescents are Just like working under natural sunlight. Full Spectrum output is good for plants, good for people and by far the brightest and whitest lamp in the industry.


Our most popular light bulbs are the Premira brand Alpinewite Xtrabrite fluorescentsIdentified by their Gold Endcaps used for its durable end seal and to differentiation it from standard lighting products.

In addition, Brass Pins are used for positive electrical contact. Enhanced with a silicone coating improves the starting of every lamp.  A cathode guard shield is used to reduce end blackening, which extends cathode life, ensuring long-life rated light bulbs,  saving replacement costs.  A special mercury release capsule is premeasured and triple distilled, also insuring the long life of our fluorescent lamps.

The lamps are made using color balanced phosphors that will reduce glare and minimize light loss. The Premium Quality design of Maintenance Engineering’s light bulbs ensure a superior lighting over other standard lighting designs today.

We Provide –  FREE Lamp Usage Consultation –   FREE Energy-Saving Analysis –  FREE Fixture Upgrade Recommendations  Written Long-Life Guarantees  –  Billing terms OAC  –  Drop-ship Next Day, 3 day & UPS Ground  – For all US Businesses