avatarThank you so much for your assistance in helping us select the right light bulbs for our facility.   Like most companies, we are watching our budget very closely these days.

The fact that these bulbs are guaranteed to last 84 months makes them cost effective as well as eco friendly.   Thanks again for your assistance.

Susan Masters
Ariat International Inc.
avatarThank you so much for the difference you have made in our lighting.

We have less eye fatigue and a clearer vision of our paper work and drapery manufacturing.

You are very easy to work with!

Sharon Lomonaco
Royal Draperies & Interiors
avatarI would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding level of service I receive! Tom goes the extra mile to ensure my lighting needs are met using the best products available for my aged eyes!

The Premira Xtrabrite are, without question, the best quality lights I’ve ever utilized and it shows in the increased quality of my work as a professional pet groomer

Nicole Ortiz-Rich
avatar“Tom provides only the highest quality lighting products which he feels strongly are the best. He does a tremendous job in following up with us in between orders, and is readily available for information or services. He has my highest recommendation.”

Bill Noel
RV & Associates
avatarWe have been with Light Bulb Guy since 2005. Tom provides high quality products and great services.

Thanks Tom!

Donna Ricetti
Luk Associates
avatarThanks for taking the time to find the correct lighting for our manufacturing shop.  It truly helps us see the color of the threads, ink and clothing we produce.

Thanks again, I will be calling to put more in when we add the expansion!

Identity Screen Printing & Embroidery
avatarTom, using the brighter and whiter Premira light bulbs from Maintenance Engineering in our production facilities and offices has empowered our employees by improving there vision and reducing eyestrain.

In addition, their long-life design has reduced our lighting maintenance cost.

Olivier Kerautret
Scientific Platers Inc
avatarMy boss wanted us to install these bulbs in our offices. I’m thinking to myself, “Just how good could an 18 dollar light bulb be?”.

But I ordered enough for the entire office. They were installed on a Thursday, while I was out of the office. On Friday, I got to work that afternoon and spent about 3 hours working in my office, typing letters, sending emails, and writing notes. I liked the brightness, but wasn’t sure the money was well spent. At some point, I went across the way to sign some invoices. I couldn’t see the invoices without my reading glasses, so I went back to my office to get them.

The glasses were not in my office—they were in my car. I had actually worked for three hours without them, and because the lights are so bright and clear, I just didn’t notice…true story.

These lights are amazing!

Arlington TX

Thank you for introducing us to your fantastic fluorescent bulbs.

Replacing my old yellow bulbs with your ultra white and bright bulbs has changed the entire dynamic of our shop. With our expansive area to light and the height of our ceilings it was hard to have a bright enough for our workers to see the detail required to accomplish their tasks.

With these new bulbs I can have half the lights on in the shop and have twice the brightness and clarity than the original bulbs have to offer. I love them.

I can’t wait to get them in our office.

Rick Johnson
R&S Glasing Specialist

I just wanted to let you know that the Xtrabrite Alpinewite florescent light bulbs that we purchased from you back in March of 2007 have really enhanced our factory showroom where we exhibit our semi-bright white acrylic material bath and shower enclosure walls and systems.


For a better look at our unique product lines pictured under your light bulbs our website address is:  www.americanbathind.com

Larry Arcadi, Vice President
American Bath Enterprises, Inc.
avatarTom uses a friendly, no-pressure sales approach, keeping my business needs as the top priority to help with our lighting issues. Tom's light bulbs are more expensive than normal bulbs but are worth every penny. They have brightened our building up more than I would have ever expected. Tom is excellent - there is nothing more that I could ask from a light bulb sales guy.

Evan Kalstad, Branch Manager at N C Machinery Co - Caterpillar