The Whitest and Brightest Shatterguard Fluorescents Made!


M.E.’s commitment to quality is consistently demonstrated throughout there entire product line with long-life guarantees. In addition to an exeptional level of performance both in terms of light efficiency and energy efficiency, they are all designed and manufactured to meet the highest levels of environmental standards for lighting today.



M.E.’s Eco-friendly lighting, branded as earth-safe®, are Constructed and tested to comply with these Three Standards of Quality:

Energy Efficient: Giving you more light for your energy dollar means: Fewer Power Plants, Less Carbon Emissions, and Cleaner Air.

Saving Our Natural Resources: quality over quantity. with a life-time guarantee and outlast standard lighting up to 24 times. Long life means 95% less waste in: Manufacturing Pollution, Recycling, and Earth Damaging Mining.

Environmentally Friendly: Our Environmentally Friendly lighting is an effort to eliminate environmentally hazardous materials from our lighting products. For example, our fluorescent are TCLP Compliant with the Lowest Mercury possible.

When Maintenance Engineering released it’s New 8′ Xtrabrite® Safety Coated Shatterguards, they also continued to exemplify their tradition in quality lighting.

These New 8′ Safety Coated Shatterguard fluorescents are avaible in F32T8, F40T12, F40/34T12, F96T8 and F96T12 lamp sizes, and are drop shipped with 50 month guarantees.

M.E.’s Safety Coated Shatterguard fluorescent Features Include:

– Durable 16 mil polymer coating –contains broken glass
– USDA Approved, NSF Certified, Meets Safety Standards of FDA, OSHA
– Sealed Design –no sleeves or endcaps to come loose
– blocks 85% of UV emitted from lamp –reduces fading
– XTRABRITE avilable in F32T8, F40T12, F96T8 and F96T12


– Over Food Handling
– Under-counter lights
– Signs
– Places where kids can get at the lamps
– Open fixtures where the lens is missing
– Places where the lamp could get broken
– Wherever fading is an issue
– Low hanging & unprotected Production and Distribution lines

We have a variety of different box sizes to choose from, including shipping quantities of 6,9,12 & 15ea. If you currently using standard 8′ bulbs and just need a one or two of the shatterguards, we can mix and match to meet the shipping quantities.

ME-DTC Premira® Brand Fluorescents are just like working under natural sunlight.

Full Spectrum output is good for plants, good for people and by far the brightest and whitest lamp in the industry.

“It’s just like taking the roof off of your building!”
… satisfied ME-DTC Customer.