Advantages of Xtrabrite Alpinewite Fluorescents Manufacturing Processes

ME-DTC Advanced Fluorescent Lighting Technology –Since 1974 

Premira® I Xtrabrite Alpinewite Fluorescent  Manufacturing  Processes:


 Lamps are pulled and fully tested at different times throughout the run for color, brightness, and electrical performance. And every single lamp is lit up before leaving the factory.


#5 Slower Manufacture speeds, Quality Checks & Written Guarantees


*Made in the USA



Premira lamps are the only lamps in the industry to be manufactured at a slower speed.

This allows a better product to be made.  Slower speed allows more frequent checks and tighter controls on processes such as cathode assembly, gas filling, and phosphor  coating.

When a typical production run is 72,000 lamps long, slower manufacturing can ensure quality and consistency of product from start to finish.



Every run of Premira lamps is continuously monitored during production.  Extra personnel are put on the line during our productions, checking product and adjusting the equipment as our lamps get made, for best possible quality.

Each production is tested at different times thru out  the run for color, brightness, and electrical performance.

And every single lamp is lit up before leaving the factory ensuring only working lamps are shipped.

After we receive each production at our distribution testing facility in Chicago, we verify the factory test results by randomly sampling the lamps and measuring quality, appearance, color and brightness.

Any production that would fail to meet our specifications would be immediately returned for recycling, never making it out the door to you.

We are the only lighting company that triple-checks our products to ensure only the best is shipped to you.


M.E.’s lighting products have the best guarantees in the industry, and our products are specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Many standard lamp company’s products require household use only or their fluorescents are guaranteed only when used with their ballasts.

Every M.E. products written guarantee ensures you are getting the Worlds Best product, covered even when used with someone else’s ballast, and is guaranteed in commercial/industrial use.

View our Written Guarantee

Commitment to Quality Service

Our Customer Service Rep Service, and Product Service departments are staffed with professionals that have years of experience and are just a phone call away.

State-of-the-art order-processing and distribution means that over 95% of orders received are shipped within a 24-hour period, unheard of in the industry. 

We have been providing Premium Quality Lighting products and service since 1974.  ME’s bulbs are priced higher than standard light bulbs, but will save you time, energy and MONEY –  Upgrading you fixtures with ME’s Premira I Xtrabrite Alpinewite light bulbs will show significant savings for the next 10 years.

*Premira I F40T12, F32T8 & F96T12 Xtrabrite Alpinewite linear fluorescent light bulbs are Made in the USA

#6 Xtrabrite Aplinewite Fluorescent Light Bulbs Earth-Safe® Eco-friendly Qualities

Today’s lighting concerns also  include how they affect the environment, and what they can do to save it for future generations.  ME has been a leader for environmentally-friendly lighting products since 1974: [Read More]

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