Xtrabrite CFL, LED, Halogen and High Output Lighting Solutions

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Xtrabrite® Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, LED’s & Halogens:


Create a Brighter Future for You and Your Environment with our Premira Xtrabrite light bulbs!


 “It’s Just like taking the roof off your building”

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#7 CFL, LED, Halogen & High Output Xtrabrite Lighting Solutions


A full Line of Xtrabrite Lighting Solutions

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Linear Fluorescent light bulbs:


6″ – 46″ Fluorescent: –F13T5, F17T8, F20T12, F25T8, F30T12 

F32T8 Linear Fluorescent Tubes

F40T12 Linear Fluorescent Tubes

U-Bend Fluorescent: –FB40T12 and FB32T12

Single Pin Fluorescent: –F60T12, F96T8, and F96T12

HO Fluorescent: –F48T12HO, F54T5HO, F60T12HO and F96T12HO

VHO Fluorescent: –F48T12/VHO, F60T12/VHO and F96T12/VHO

Safety Coated – Shatterguard Fluorescent:  –F32T8, F40T12, F96T12, F96T8

Halogen Par Reflectors & MR16’s:


Xtrabrite Halogen PAR20, PAR30 & PAR38 Spot & Flood lights

MR-16 Low Voltage (12v) Xtrabrite Maxlight]

MR-16 Line Voltage (120v) Xtrabrite Maxlight

Screw-in Compact fluorescent & Plug-in CFL light bulbs :


Lumi-Twist Screw-in base

PAR Lumi-Twist Screw-in base

Globe Lumi-Twist Screw-in base

Twin 2-Pin Plug-in base

Quad 2-Pin Plug-in base

Quad 4-Pin Plug-in base

Triple 4-Pin Plug-in base

High Lumen 4-Pin Plug-in base

Safety Coated Lumi-Twist & PAR Lumi-Twist Srew-in base

LED PAR Reflectors and MR16 light bulbs:


A19 General Service 

PAR 20, 30, 38 & MR-16 Reflectors

BR 30 Reflector